Maya’s letter to the editor of the Guardian, from her cell in Her Majesty’s Prison, Bronzefield in Ashford, Middlesex, starts off:

“Two days ago, I received a 13-day prison sentence for my role in a 2009 protest outside Britain’s military nerve centre in Northwood against the bombing of Afghanistan. When I was in Afghanistan earlier this year I met a young man whose sister had been left widowed, with an infant son, by a Nato air strike……” (to read more)


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  1. Hugh Daniels says:

    You are wonderful, Maya. We should all be speaking and acting out against the terrible harm that our military can do and has done to civilians in Afghanistan, Irag and elsewhere, showing that making war is rarely the answer it is presented to be. And already some people are planning a strike against Iran.

  2. David Curtis says:


    You are an example to all of us of someone who has done something to contribute to peace. My organisation exists to encourage everyone to do something everyday, to help achieve that aim.


    David Curtis (Peacetag Foundation

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