A small group of people are singing a beautiful song. It may be a hymn, or a peace song, but it is certainly peaceful. They appear to be singing from Sudan. (Actually from Washington).

‘Peace all over the World!’

The conversation seems to have a religious tone, which is hardly surprising given the religious nature of most of the organisations involved.

Earlier conversations with the Sudanese caller was more political.

(Afghan) Now asking about Occupy DC.

(American) Two camps in Washington. One was built on the ten year anniverary of attack on Afghanistan. There is also Occupy Church, which is radical Christians showing solidarity with poor, etc.

(Afghan) Are there problems between Christians and Muslims in the United States.

(American) No, no violence. But needs to be reconciliation. (Tells story about saint who worked on reconciliation in ancient history).

I am signing off.


This would be an interesting format if there was video. Unfortunately the conversation works rather too slow due to technical constraints and language differences. There is potential here, however.

Also, the vast majority of people talking are older people, not young Afghans or their counterparts around the world.

I get the feeling that if young people were running the technology that the conversation would take off.


Nicki from Community radio in Oregon is asking how people in Afghanistan feel about people in the US.

(Afghan) Some are not happy with NATO, US forces. Here for own interest not afghans, gives example of firing at small boy burning incense while asking for alms. Convoy feared that the boy may have been handling weapons. Angered local people.

(Different Afghan-young) not translated People of Afghanistan do not have problem with ordinary people of America. Realise that this is all politicians fighting with each other for power or money. Do have a problem with politicians in Afghanistan and America waging war here.

(Different Afghan-a little older)

Nicki Do people in Afghanistan understand that we (Americans) can’t control government very well.

(young afghan woman) indistinct ordinary Afghans oft hear that US and Europe are democratic implies that gov has support of people. Therefore people send army to fight war in Afghanistan. Need to make clearer distinction between democratic wishes of people and actions of governmetn.

Nicki agrees. have more in common than we might think

Stream lost.


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